Feedr is a service for parsing RSS and Atom feeds. You just pass the URL of an RSS/Atom feed and the service will return the parsed feed as JSON. Feedr was originally designed as a drop-in replacement for Google's Feed API, which has been deprecated and taken offline on December 15th, 2016.


Feedr has to be requested with the query parameter q that contains the URL of the to-be-parsed RSS/Atom feed. An example request looks like this:

curl \
  -H 'Accept: application/json' \


In addition to the q parameter, Feedr supports other optional parameters.

callbackWraps the answer in a function call, which makes it compatible to JSONP callscallback=callback123456789
numNumber of entries to load. Defaults to 4.num=15
encodingThe text encoding of the to be parsed feed. Defaults to "utf8". Find supported values here (opens in a new tab).encoding=ISO-8859-1
orderSpecifies the order of entries. By default there is no ordering happening and the entries are kept in the order of the original RSS feed. The order can be overridden by providing any of the entry's fields (e.g. publishedDate, title, …). In order to reverse the order, just prefix the field with a -.order=title order=-publishedDate