In case you are interested in hosting your own copy of Feedr App, please find some instructions below.

Deployment to Vercel

Create your Vercel Account

Go to and sign up for a potentially free Account.

Spin up your own Feedr copy

  1. Find the Add New... button and click on Project.
  2. Choose Import Third-Party Git Repository
  3. Enter the URL
  4. Specify a target fork repository
  5. Wait for the deployment to finish

Test your new service

Over at the dashboard area, you will your app's Vercel URL (e.g. (opens in a new tab)). Using that you should be able to open the following URL: (opens in a new tab)

Updating the JavaScript libraries

In case you are using any of the supported JavaScript libraries, please make sure to configure the host setting as per your clone's Vercel settings. See this (opens in a new tab) for allowed more settings.